How to Get a Free iPhone 5

Work with Apple and learn how to get a Free iPhone 5

Free-iPhone-5-TestingWe have been informed that Best Market Offers is giving away an absolutely Free iPhone 5 to users in exchange for their honest opinion. Their method of promoting an item on the web is to give something away in exchange for a testing review. Advertisers love to participate in this kind of advertising. This type of advertising will give them a lot publicity on their other products and their only initial expense is the cost of the iPhone. This is the perfect scenario for everyone that wants to learn how to get a Free iPhone 5.

When the iPhone 4 and the 4s was first released; there were millions sold to the public. The Apple iPhone has shaken the cell phone industry once again and was clearly known to be the best selling phone in the market. It has been a while since the release of the iPhone 4 and the 4s; mobile enthusiast are eagerly waiting for the next iPhone to arrive, and that is the iPhone 5! The long wait is now over and Apple has revealed the release date for the new iPhone 5.


How to get a Free iPhone 5

The release date is here and Apple has made it clear that their #1 goal is to outsell the past iPhone models with the New iPhone 5. Apple believes that the new iPhone 5 is the best iPhone ever made. In order for Apple to back their claims, they need to make sure that the iPhone 5 is close to perfect! To do that, Apple has developed a new strategy to help them research and provide a perfect phone. They have teamed up with Best Market Offers to give away Free iPhone 5’s to the general public and have them thoroughly test it and review it. They are looking for New and Existing iPhone users; that means that anyone can be picked to become a tester and get a Free iPhone 5. Apple is aware that the best way to test a product is by allowing genuine people to test it. Apple believes that this new market research strategy will help boost their sales by 25% over last year.



If you are really interested in getting the new iPhone 5 for Free then you will need to apply! The only requirement to become a tester is you have be at least 18 years old or older. It does not cost anything to apply but you will need to understand that not everyone that applies will receive a free iphone 5 due to the limited supply. Those who are given the opportunity to test the new iphone 5 will need to submit an honest feedback and record any problems or malfunctions in detail. The few testers that are selected will be notified by email. This opportunity will help Apple with the sales of their new product and also help provide the best product to all the new and existing iPhone users!


Apply For A Free iPhone 5

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